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Officiating Certifications


Anyone wishing to work one of the SEMVOG events MUST be registered with AAU Sports. Visit the following link.


AAU Membership Registration (click here)


The new membership registration platform requires a NEW LOGIN. Your login will not work here.


You will need to purchase a Non-Athlete ADULT Membership. The cost of a membership is $55 (1 year) or $75 (2 years) for regular membership or $57 (1 year) and $79 (2 years) for the extended coverage membership (highly recommended). This membership is for coaches, bench personnel, administrators, managers, officials, tournament directors, volunteers, etc...

As part of the membership process for all adults, you must agree to a background check. This is included in the membership fee - there is no extra charge.


Use club code W376WA on your AAU Non-Athlete ADULT Membership application.  If you have already signed up you can add the club code to their membership on this LINK.

Simply applying for a non-athlete membership will not qualify you to officiate. Every ADULT must have passed the background check. Background checks will only be completed when you apply for a Non-Athlete ADULT Membership.

You do NOT need to send me your confirmation email or AAU Card.


There are no USAV sponsored events hosted within our state this upcoming season. However, if you desire to officiate at various national and international-level events, you would need to be registered with USAV. Being a registered official with USAV may provide opportunities to officiate at these higher-level competitions. USAV has its own certification programs for officials. This includes completing specific training courses and maintaining current certifications.

If you live in Michigan, your region will be Lakeshore Region of Volleyball Officials (LRVA Officials) You will need to select to register as a (CLUB team/Staff) and then join LRVA Officials as a team. Here are the detailed instructions for registration for this year:

Below is a direct link where you can go to register. (Before you go, you will need to know your Sports Engine log in information. Please visit the Sports Engine website and make sure that you can sign in or are already signed in.)
If you have not used Sports Engine before, you will need to create an account since USA Volleyball's registration works directly with Sports Engine.  If you have one from your club playing days or as a parent, you should be all set with your prior one.  If you were a minor and under a parent household, when you turn 18, you may need to create one yourself so you are not under a parent account.


You can then go to this link:

At the page, you will register for USAV Membership $25 and Lakeshore Region Membership $25. (Total for me after processing fee was $50.74) After your registration is complete, you will then go to your Sports Engine page and click on Household and then on your profile click on (View Profile) then on the lakeshore Region Volleyball area, click on (View Detail) there you will click on your 23-24 Lakeshore Official-Safesport & Background Screen Required. There you will register for background check which is a separate transaction of $14. (No additional processing fee so just $14.00). This is where you will go through many steps and the step that you have to remember to do is add the team name LRVA Officials. Everything else is self explanatory. You will also have to complete your 2023-2024 SafeSports training. Each individual's status with their SafeSports training is different, for some , it is the full one this year, for others it may be a refresher.  The whole process is controlled by where you are on the process.  The long version is 2-3 hours long and the refresher is 1 hour long.  We need to go through the full training at least every second year.


If you have any questions or concerns, they can be directed to the region referee chairperson listed below...


Henry Chen

Referee Chair, Lakeshore Region


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